Working for the Run: How Does the Race Director of the New York City Marathon Do His Job?

Meet Jim Heim, race director of the TCS New York City Marathon.

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Episode Notes

For her first season hosting Working, Slate’s Shannon Palus is delving into the world of running, from professional athletes to coaches to people who do all manner of things to help other people run.

This week, Shannon talks to Jim Heim, the race director of the TCS New York City Marathon. The now 50-year-old marathon is the largest and most popular in the world and it’s Jim’s job to make sure the whole thing goes smoothly for everyone—racers and city dwellers alike. Luckily, Jim’s passion for his job and love of creating community through sports make him a natural fit for the job. Jim tells Shannon about the complex logistics of the city-wide event, how he ended up in this role despite never really being a runner himself, and the overwhelming magic of being part of such a huge New York tradition.

Podcast production by Jessamine Molli.


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