Working for the Run: How Does an Ultrarunner Do Her Job?

Meet Mirna Valerio, an ultramarathon runner, author, and speaker.


Episode Notes

For her first season hosting Working, Slate’s own Shannon Palus is delving into the world of running, from professional athletes to coaches to people who do all manner of things to help people run.

This week, Shannon talks to Mirna Valerio, professional ultrarunner, speaker, and author of the book A Beautiful Work in Progress. Mirna started her journey toward becoming a professional athlete with her blog “Fat Girl Running,” documenting her progress from casual runner to ultramarathoner.

Mirna talks about how she champions inclusivity in the sport through speaking engagements, partnerships with brands like REI and Skirt Sports, and her Slow As F*ck Trail Running Retreats.

Podcast production by Jessamine Molli.


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