Working With Code: How Does a Software Engineering Manager Do Her Job?

Meet Marianne Bellotti, a coding team manager at Auth0.


Episode Notes

For this miniseason on coding, Slate’s own Greg Lavallee is talking to the people who write the software that makes your digital life possible.

In this episode, Greg sits down with Marianne Bellotti, a software engineering manager at a company called Auth0. Over the years, Marianne has figured out what makes a good manager and what just doesn’t work when you’re managing hundreds of coders, many of whom live in different time zones. It helps that she can code in multiple languages and has thought a lot about how to do her job well. Marianne shares her management philosophy, talks about why she thought she never wanted to be a part of this industry, and what changed, and she even teaches Greg something about one of his own lightning round questions.



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