How Does an Influencer’s Husband Do His Job?

Meet Matthew Stevens, aka @instahusband.


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This week, Rachelle sits down with Matthew Stevens, a self-described “Instagram Husband.” Matthew is married to lifestyle blogger and influencer Lindsay Silberman.* And while he has a full-time job working for a fashion house, he considers that to be his third job—next to being a husband and supporting Lindsay’s burgeoning brand. As the consummate Instagram husband, Matt is Lindsay’s dedicated photographer, travel companion, and overall consultant. Matthew tells Rachelle about the pros and cons of being married to an influencer, how he manages to travel the world with his wife while holding down a full-time job, and how he learned to embrace his role as @instahusband.

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Correction, Sept. 30, 2019: Due to a production error, Lindsay Silberman’s first name was misspelled.


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