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The Great Climate Migration Begins

The largest mass movement of humans in history is starting. It could change everything.


Episode Notes

As the planet warms in the coming decades, many parts of the planet that millions now call home will become uninhabitable. At first, people in these areas will move to the cities, then across international borders. This mass migration is already underway in the hottest parts of the world, and it is likely to accelerate in coming years.

Just how many people will be forced to move? And where will they go?

Guest: Abrahm Lustgarten, senior reporter at ProPublica

Editor’s Note: Lustgarten wanted to clarify that he and his family left their home to avoid smoke from the fires but were not evacuated, nor were they in immediate danger from the flames. The term “flee” was Slate’s choice and not how Lustgarten represented his situation.


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