Upon Further Review

Great sports what-ifs with Mike Pesca.


About the Show

From Mike Pesca, host of the popular Slate podcast The Gist, comes the greatest sports minds imagining how the world would change if a play, trade, injury, or referee’s call had just gone the other way.

Upon Further Review is a limited-edition Slate podcast based on the book of the same name. Over the course of five episodes, Mike and a roster of podcast all-stars will explore counterfactual sporting scenarios through a combination of speculative fiction, investigative journalism, and sound-rich narrative.

From turning points that every sports fan rues or celebrates, to the forgotten would-be inflection points that defined sports, Upon Further Review answers age-old questions and settles the score, even if the score bounced off the crossbar.


  • Mike Pesca hosted Slate’s daily podcast The Gist from 2014 - 2021.