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Maximum UST

Unresolved Sexual Tension is the key ingredient for onscreen sparks.


Episode Notes

Maddie and David. Will and Alicia. Ichabod and Abbie. Brennan and Booth. Moonlighting, The Good Wife, Sleepy Hollow, and Bones all showed us the magic of UST—Unresolved Sexual Tension. In most of these examples, we got the kissing (and more) we’d been craving, and these TV shows knew how to string us along until we thought we’d die from longing. That’s the hallmark of a job well done—transferring the desire of a show’s leading couple to its audience. In this episode dedicated to ultimate UST, we talk about what works and what doesn’t; what happens when the resolution is everything we could want … and when we’re denied.

In this week’s Slate Plus, it’s Nichole’s turn in the court of “Explain Yourself.” She breaks down her attraction to Irish crooner Hozier, but Bim is a hard juror to convince.

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About the Show

Join Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins as they dig deep into the various ways women express their thirst, asking: Why do we desire who we desire? At a time when men are Not Doing Great, Bim and Nichole want to keep asking questions about Hollywood inclusion and opportunity, through illuminating and hilarious conversations with special guests, original fan fic designed to make you sit up, and of course [REDACTED]. Bring a straw… and come thirst with us.

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  • Bim Adewunmi is a radio producer and playwright, and co-host of Thirst Aid Kit.

  • Nichole Perkins is a writer and co-host of the podcasts Thirst Aid Kit and the Waves.