Thirst Aid Kit

The Weird and Wonderful Lakeith Stanfield

We’re almost always into whoever Lakeith Stanfield is playing.


Episode Notes

You know it, you see it—there’s something about Lakeith. It’s there in Atlanta, in Get Out, in Someone Great … the list goes on. It’s actually many things—ace acting ability; a bucketload of confident, quirky charm; and a presence that belies his slight and lovely frame, all in a relatively short career so far. We wade through all these thirst-inducing attributes, as well as what it means to fancy a Thirst Object when they’ve messed up … We also have a reader drabble about an old TAK fave, as well as our own new Lakeith-centric fan fic. It’s a good day to be thirsty, pals.

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About the Show

Join Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins as they dig deep into the various ways women express their thirst, asking: Why do we desire who we desire? At a time when men are Not Doing Great, Bim and Nichole want to keep asking questions about Hollywood inclusion and opportunity, through illuminating and hilarious conversations with special guests, original fan fic designed to make you sit up, and of course [REDACTED]. Bring a straw… and come thirst with us.

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  • Bim Adewunmi is a radio producer and playwright, and co-host of Thirst Aid Kit.

  • Nichole Perkins is a writer and co-host of the podcasts Thirst Aid Kit and the Waves.