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TAK On Tour: Thirsty Toronto

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Episode Notes

It’s true that we have thirst-buckets all over the world, but Thirst Aid Kit went truly international for the first time — doing a live show at the Hot Docs Podcast Festival In Toronto! Yes, we took our unique brand of lusting out loud to the Great White North, and were met with all the warmth of our Canadian thirst team. We were ably aided by two fabulously thirsty guests: TK Matunda and Kyrell Grant, who shared with us their knowledge and appreciation for thirst objects as varied as Jemaine Clement, Richard Ayoade, Donald Glover, Ezra Miller, and Stanley ‘The Tooch’ Tucci. There were gasps of delight and impromptu dancing on stage, plus we played live Thirst Sommelier with our lovely audience, live drabble writing and reading in Fanfic Wars (with a twist), and of course, all the dirty auntie chuckles you could ever want. Happy Thirstgiving!

Do you need help figuring out your next crush? Drop us a line! Leave us a message at (765) 8-THIRST (765-884-4778) with your name and what kind of crush advice you’re looking for, and maybe we’ll answer your question in an upcoming Thirst Sommelier.

Follow us on Twitter @ThirstAidKit. Bim is @bimadew and Nichole is @tnwhiskeywoman. Find show notes, fanfic, and more on our Tumblr. Share your drabbles with us there or email them to us at Our music is by Tanya Morgan
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About the Show

Join Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins as they dig deep into the various ways women express their thirst, asking: Why do we desire who we desire? At a time when men are Not Doing Great, Bim and Nichole want to keep asking questions about Hollywood inclusion and opportunity, through illuminating and hilarious conversations with special guests, original fan fic designed to make you sit up, and of course [REDACTED]. Bring a straw… and come thirst with us.

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  • Bim Adewunmi is a radio producer and playwright, and co-host of Thirst Aid Kit.

  • Nichole Perkins is a writer and co-host of the podcasts Thirst Aid Kit and the Waves.