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We Need to Talk About Postpartum Psychosis

It’s one of the “worst psychiatric emergencies.” But the United State’s system for treatment isn’t working.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Waves, Slate senior producer Cheyna Roth is joined by New Yorker editor Jessica Winter to talk all about postpartum psychosis. They dig into how the medical world is failing new moms during one of the “worst psychiatric emergencies” and why we need to talk about it more. After the break, Cheyna and Jessica talk about how movies and television have depicted postpartum depression and psychosis.

In Slate Plus, are “influencer parents” really new?

Articles Mentioned

What We Still Don’t Understand About Postpartum Psychosis by Jessica Winter

The Many Violations of the Violent Birth Scene by Amanda Hess

Women’s Heath Care is Underfunded. The Consequences Are Dire by Jessica Grose

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