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Unpacking NY Mag’s Teen Cancel Culture Piece

It shows a lot of sympathy for its male protagonist. But is that a bad thing?


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Waves, Slate staff writer Heather Schwedel and Slate senior editor Rebecca Onion sit down to talk about the New York magazine cover story “Canceled at 17,” which features a boy who was ostracized by his peers after he showed a nude of his girlfriend. They talk about whether the article is a display of “himpathy,” and the fact that the writer had a personal connection to the school that she did not initially disclose. (New York magazine’s statement on that matter is available here.)

In Slate Plus, Rebecca and Heather talk about what they regret from high school.


Rebecca: Apple TV+’s series For All Mankind.

Heather: Amazon Prime’s series The Summer I Turned Pretty.*

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Correction, June 30, 2022: Due to a production error, this page originally misstated that The Summer I Turned Pretty was available on Netflix. It is on Amazon Prime.


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