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Prepping for Doomsday, Feminist Edition

What will you need if society collapses?


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Waves, Slate staff writers Rebecca Onion and Lili Loofbourow are talking about the prepper community. Is it all toxic masculinity? Is there already a space for women in the community, or do they have to carve their own space? They dig into Lili’s piece on the schism in the prepper reddit community and explore the gender dynamics of a culture that ranges from coupon clipping to hoarding guns. They also discuss Rebecca Onion’s 2016 piece on what prepper fiction reveals about American virtues.

In Slate Plus: Martha Stewart was in the news for an Instagram post about her dead cat. Is her empire feminist?


Rebecca: The PBS series Sanditon.

Lili: Wearing men’s sweatpants.

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