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Why You Need to Downsize Your Skin-Care Routine.

All the lotions and potions really aren’t necessary. In fact, they can be harmful.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Waves, Slate senior editor Shannon Palus is joined by freelance beauty reporter, and author of The Unpublishable, Jessica DeFino to talk about why you probably don’t need all the lotions and potions in your cupboards. They start out by discussing Jessica’s recent Slate piece, “Why Your Skin Doesn’t Need Skin Care” and why other outlets turned the piece down. They then go behind the scenes of the beauty industry and talk about the toxicity of celebrity skin-care brands, what it’s like being fake Internet Khloe Kardashian, and why the industry keeps targeting women.

In Slate Plus, is the upcoming bar-soap trend feminist?


Shannon: Using the Peloton app for exercise (but not buying the equipment)

Jessica: The Angela Caglia vibrating rose quartz facial roller

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  • Shannon Palus is a senior editor for Slate.

  • Jessica DeFino is a freelance reporter and beauty culture critic based in New Jersey. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Vogue, Allure, and more. She writes the weekly beauty newsletter the Unpublishable.