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Middle-Aged Women Are Getting Their Due on TV

 With And Just Like That and Yellowjackets, middle-aged women are having a moment.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Waves, Slate managing producer Asha Saluja and Slate senior editor Shannon Palus discuss women and aging on television. Through two seemingly unrelated shows—HBO Max’s And Just Like That and Showtime’s Yellowjackets—they dig into how these shows portray their protagonists for better and worse, and what makes the relationships between women compelling in both shows.

In Slate Plus: Was it feminist that Carrie was an anti-hero in the original series of Sex and the City?


Asha: The album Urban Driftwoods by Yasmin Williams.

Shannon:  Swabbing your throat for COVID and this Lululemon yoga mat.

Podcast production by Cheyna Roth with editorial oversight by Susan Matthews, Shannon Palus, and June Thomas.

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