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Taylor Swift and Adele Take Different Approaches to Aging and Pop Stardom

As Taylor Swift and Adele release new music, we reflect on the place they’ve taken in our hearts and ears, and what’s next for each of them.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Waves, managing producer of Slate Podcasts Asha Saluja and senior editor Shannon Palus dive into new releases from superstars Adele and Taylor Swift. In the first half, they talk about how Taylor Swift shaped their views of romance and being 22, and whether her move to take back her song catalogue is actually feminist. Then, Asha and Shannon explore the conversation around Adele’s weight loss and the patriarchal expectations put on female pop stars.

In our Slate Plus segment, Asha and Shannon talk about whether it’s feminist when female pop stars don’t dance in their music videos.


Asha: Jao Refresher hand sanitizer and singing in the shower.

Shannon: Getting a latte and going for a walk with said latte.

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