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Can You Really Have a Feminist Wedding?

Two women—one recently married and one recently engaged—contemplate whether it’s possible to redeem the old institution filled with white dresses and garter tosses.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Waves, Slate’s news director, Susan Matthews sits down with former colleague and host of the Why Oh Why relationship podcast, Andrea Silenzi to talk about all things weddings. They get into the weirdness of weddings, the sexist nature of some of the traditions, and how to reckon with all that while still having a good time on the dance floor.

In Slate Plus: Is The New York Times Vows column feminist?


Susan: The new album, An Overview on Phenomenal Nature by Cassandra Jenkins.

Andrea: A brand new pasta shape called Cascatelli.

Podcast production by Cheyna Roth with editorial oversight by Susan Matthews and June Thomas.

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  • Andrea Silenzi used to host the dating podcast Why Oh Why. She’s the founding producer of Slate’s The Gist.

  • Susan Matthews is Slate’s executive editor.