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Does Your Favorite Scary Movie Have a Lady Problem?

Or is there feminism to find in the “final girl” trope?


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Waves, Slate senior editor Allegra Frank and Waves producer Cheyna Roth embrace the Halloween season and talk about horror movies. They get into the mainstays of horror and slasher movies that continue to haunt the genre to this day, ask whether the “final girl” trope is feminist, and question whether it’s possible to remake a classic without all its original (often sexist) baggage.

In Slate Plus, Allegra and Cheyna keep the Halloween theme going and discuss whether sexy Halloween costumes are feminist.


Allegra: A very specific TikTok sound.

Cheyna: Hulu’s series Only Murders in the Building.

Podcast production by Cheyna Roth with editorial oversight by Susan Matthews and June Thomas.

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  • Cheyna Roth is a podcast producer at Slate.

  • Allegra Frank is a former senior editor at Slate. She worked previously at Polygon and Vox.