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Where Have All the Teen Magazines Gone?

CosmoGirl? Shuttered. Teen Vogue? Online only. What does that mean for the next generation of women?


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Waves, Slate staff writers Rebecca Onion and Heather Schwedel dive into girls’ and women’s magazines. Many outlets like Sassy and CosmoGirl have been shuttered or moved to online-only editions. With the recent resurrection of teen magazine icon Atoosa Rubenstein in the media, Rebecca and Heather talk about what made these types of magazines pop and how problematic they were for their audience​​—especially the young girls. Then they dig into the lasting impact these relics have in the digital age.

In Slate Plus, Rebecca and Heather go to the movies. Rebecca talks about 1997’s Titanic and Heather talks about 1995’s Now and Then.


Rebecca: The 2016 PBS show Victoria and Nicola Griffith’s book Ammonite.

Heather: Listening to music, especially if you usually listen to podcasts.

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