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 Is Overthrowing Capitalism the Best Path to More Consensual Sex?

Author Amia Srinivasan discusses her new book, The Right to Sex.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Waves, Slate staff writer and co-host of the Outward podcast, Christina Cauterucci sits down with author Amia Srinivasan to discuss her new book The Right to Sex. They talk about why false rape accusations are like plane crashes—greatly feared, but not as prevalent as we think. Then they dig into what could help us all start having a better kind of sex, and why just giving women money could go a long way in preventing domestic violence.

In Slate Plus, we debut our new segment, “Is This Feminist?” Slate News Director Susan Matthews and The Waves producer Cheyna Roth discuss Jill Biden’s decision to keep teaching while also carrying out her First Lady “duties”.

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