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Does the New Clinton Impeachment Show Do Monica Lewinsky Justice?

The new Ryan Murphy show American Crime Story: Impeachment attempts to give Monica Lewinsky a voice.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Waves, Slate executive producer of podcasts Alicia Montgomery and The Waves producer, Cheyna Roth talk about the Clinton impeachment and the why, decades later, we can’t seem to let go of this story. They start out by unpacking Ryan Murphy’s new show, American Crime Story: Impeachment and how feminist thinking has evolved since the mid-90s. After the break they talk about the characters surrounding Monica Lewinsky, and whether the show treats them fairly.

In Slate Plus’s “Is This Feminist” segment, Alicia and Cheyna talk about whether the ongoing Britney Spears saga is feminist.


Alicia: Diving headfirst into Fall.

Cheyna: Lindy West’s new Substack Butt News.

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