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What We Learned From the Andrew Cuomo Scandal

There are reasons to be optimistic about where #MeToo goes from here.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Waves, Slate news director Susan Matthews is joined by Slate senior writer Christina Cauterucci to talk about the saga of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. They delve into the risks vs benefits of an investigation into sexual harassment complaints, and why it seemed so unlikely that Cuomo would go until suddenly he did. In the second half of the show, Susan and Christina look at the women behind the men in these scandals, and the impact this particular scandal had on Times Up, a nonprofit devoted to helping victims of sexual harassment and assault.

In Slate Plus, we continue the “Feminist Gateway” segment where hosts talk about something that made them feminists. From Rebecca Onion and Shannon Palus’s episode, COVID Exhaustion, Rebecca talks about CrossFit and Shannon discusses making a ‘zine in college.


Susan: Sending postcards, even after you’ve returned from your trip.

Christina: Harper’s Magazine piece, “Women Corinne Does Not Actually Know” by Rebecca Makkai.

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