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How History Will Remember Trump

Trump will be judged for a myriad of sins, but not all will be remembered.

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Episode Notes

On the Gist, Southern cold snap!

In the Interview, Sonari Glinton is back! Which means we’re talking cars. Glinton and Pesca discuss GM’s recent proclamation to go electric by 2025. Glinton says that it’s not that car makers aren’t making profits off of going electric, it’s that General Motors’ commitment is a sign that the state of things are grave. He projects that automotive companies will be entering into partnerships in an effort to solve environmental problems, and that the new Biden administration in conjunction with the depart of transportation will lead efforts to push the U.S. out of the recession. Glinton is a well-known host in the public radio and podcast realm, and is a former NPR business reporter covering the auto industry and economics.

In the spiel, trying to predict the history books.

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