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Militias in the Mitten State

AG of Michigan Dana Nessel on the capitol siege in her home state, and the District of Columbia.


Episode Notes

On the Gist, several Republicans predicted years ago Trump’s actions would lead to violence, but they’re sticking with him anyway. One of them is Ted Cruz.

In Remembrances of Things Trump, Trump denounces a Swedish terrorism attack that never happened.

In the interview, Mike is joined by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. They talk about insurrection at the Capitol building in D.C., and in Michigan, and how rallies and big talk got them there. Nessel also explains her decision to seek sanctions against attorneys who filed lawsuits claiming debunked election fraud in the state.

In the spiel, Trump may be off Twitter, but his supporters don’t have to go far to get their message out. It’s called podcasting. Ever heard of it?

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