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Who Is Ken Jennings?

Unearthing some offensive tweets from the greatest contestant in Jeopardy! history.

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Episode Notes

On The Gist, President Donald Trump made a phone call and blew apart the life of a private citizen.

And, today in “Remembrances of Things Trump”: teleprompter stumble.

In the interview, it’s part one of a conversation with David Shor, a researcher and consultant for democratic politicians. Shor discusses the value trade-offs parties have to make in order to win an election. From his analysis, he explains that when a political party’s values are out of sync with what a median voter believes, issues inevitably arise at the polls. He stresses that it’s not just the messaging; it’s about how it is disseminated and used to persuade.

In the spiel, the answer is: This former Jeopardy! contestant is facing Twitter backlash.

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