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Republicans Horribilis

Brett Favre and Marjorie Taylor Greene give Mike an ulcer, plus a new book that uses science to match hearts.


Episode Notes

On the Gist, what happens when a conservative pundit and a famous quarterback make a podcast: Bolling with Favre.

In the interview, it’s been a lonely year, and an especially difficult 10 months to try and find love. But Logan Ury’s new book, How to Not Die Alone just may hold the key. Putting psychology first, Ury seeks to give readers a guide to finding and keeping relationships. Spoiler alert: Stop focusing on the spark! Ury explains an approach to dating that is more psychology than yenta, the non-fluffiness of behavioral science, and what goes on in a “Love Lab.” Ury is the co-founder of the Irrational Lab at Google, and was the Director of Relationship Science for the dating app Hinge.

In the spiel, three horrible truths and a half terrible truth about Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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