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Arizona Lawmaker Says, No Vote For You

You get a vote, and you get a vote, but you…maybe not if Republican Rep. Shawnna Bolick gets her way. Plus an interview with author John Colapinto.


Episode Notes

On the Gist, an Arizona Representative has a plan to win - throw out votes.

In the interview, it’s all about the voice; John Colapinto’s new book, This is the Voice, that is. From sexy baby voice to deep baritones, Colapinto talks about his linguistic journey in writing his new book about the importance of the sounds, and the musicality of voice that come out of our mouths, and how a good bedside manner can save you from lawsuits. Colapinto is a staff writer at the New Yorker.

In the spiel, crackpot as croack-pots.

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