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Simply Having a COVID Christmas Time

We’re all alone together this holiday season.


Episode Notes

On the Gist, Republican Grinches are scratching their heads while Santa Trump calls for more stimulus money.

And today in Remembrances of Things Trump: This president. He hasn’t talked so good.

In the interview, we have Georgia on our mind yet again with Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Bill Nigut. He talks about the upcoming Georgia runoff including the impact of Republicans crying foul after the 2020 election, the (slim) chance that Republicans could blow an election that’s theirs to lose, and a deep cut involving a political jingle. Nigut is the host and executive producer of the Georgia politics podcast Political Rewind. He’s also a program host and producer at Georgia Public Broadcasting.

In the Spiel, that rare feeling of togetherness that now comes with waiting on line for a COVID-19 test.

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