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Punting on Opportunity

Vanderbilt’s Sarah Fuller had an exciting chance on the football field, but let’s hope next time her team can give her a better one.

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Episode Notes

On the Gist, potential mass fraud. Plus, the latest installment of Remembrances of Things Trump, as we pause to recall when the president claimed his father was born in Germany.

In the interview, it’s part two of Mike’s conversation with voice actor Jess Harnell, who is reprising his role as Wakko Warner on the reboot of the beloved ’90s cartoon The Animaniacs, now streaming on Hulu. Separate from the show, Harnell discusses his success in vocal matching and imitation, as well as how he successfully adapted it for his band Rock Sugar; their music comedically mashes up ’80s heavy metal and pop music. Harnell also discusses his thoughts on one of his first voice acting gigs, for Disney’s Splash Mountain, and the 2020 controversy around the attraction.

In the spiel, women are capable of playing American football, just only when men aren’t available.

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