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Middle Class Musts

Jim Tankersley on the current class mobility barriers in the U.S. and how they might be fixed.

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Episode Notes

On the Gist, unasked for resignation advice.
And, today’s installment of Remembrances of Things Trump: toilets for well-endowed men.

In the interview, it’s part two of Mike’s conversation with Jim Tankersley, author and New York Times economics reporter. Tankersley provides solutions to productivity gains, explains how access to education in America is not enough of a tool for progress and that extending opportunities, like V.C to women and BIPOC, will create more opportunities leading to a virtuous cycle promoting a new thriving middle class. Tankersley’s book is The Riches of This Land: The Untold, True Story of America’s Middle Class.

In the spiel, Georgia senators buying stocks.

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