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In Lieu of Happy Hour

Kate Klonick talks to Ben Wittes about their daily show.


Episode Notes

We are halfway through our guest hosting week. Today, Kate Klonick takes the mic. She is an assistant professor at St. John’s Law School, a fellow at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School, and researcher of the intersection between law and tech. She’s also co-host of a daily YouTube series called In Lieu of Fun.

On the Gist, how Kate found herself on a daily live show during quarantine.

In the interview, Kate talks to Ben Wittes, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and co-founder and editor in chief of Lawfare, and Kate’s co-host on In Lieu of Fun. Wittes, and his sidekick Klonick, discuss how the global pandemic spurred a need for intelligent discussion in a less than lateral way. Guests on their show have ranged from apiarists to the former president of Estonia. Wittes wanted to build something that welcomed a community, allowing for audience input around guest selection and conversation topics. Along the way, he found an avenue that continues to forge new friendships without the stale in-person meet and greets we so often find at happy hours.

In the spiel, what it’s like to build an online community during this crisis.

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