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One-Trick POTUS

His lone tactic of lying doesn’t work in a one-on-one.


Episode Notes

On the Gist, John Kasich at the Democratic National Convention.

In the interview, legal professor and modern Chinese law research scholar Neysun Mahboubi joins Mike to discuss the uprisings in Hong Kong and the extradition bill which would have undone Hong Kong’s independence from mainland China. Mahboubi explains the clashes between protesters and counter-protesters which began nearly a year ago, how the Chinese government has used the Covid-19 crisis as a moment to more aggressively assert control over citizens of Hong Kong, and what U.S. involvement could mean. Professor Mahboubi is the host of UPenn’s Center for the Study of Contemporary China’s flagship podcast.

In the spiel, without a microphone Trump can’t shout down facts.

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