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There Are the “Maybe” Factors, and Then There’s the Rifle Factor.

More than white supremacy, than mental illness, and than 8chan, it’s the powerful rifles abundant in the U.S. that are the problem.

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Episode Notes

On The Gist, this weekend’s mass shooters had different motives. It won’t do to draw lessons from just one of them.

In the interview, Amherst College professor Austin Sarat wants to enlist gun owners themselves in the fight for firearm regulation. “48 percent of gun owners favor a ban on assault weapons,” he says, citing the Pew Research Center. The problem is convincing them that gun control advocates aren’t pushing for full-on confiscation. Sarat is the co-editor of The Lives of Guns.

In the Spiel, the one clear factor in America’s growing mass shooting problem? Rifles.

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