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The Leftist Takeover Edition

There! To the left of Bernie Sanders! It’s Gist guest host Sean McElwee.


Episode Notes

On The Gist, Slate’s Jordan Weissmann tells guest host Sean McElwee which presidential candidates’ signature ideas are hot (and which are not).

In the interview, the Green New Deal isn’t just a set of climate policies—it’s a chance to break with the uneven benefits afforded by the original New Deal and other progressive policies. Julian Brave NoiseCat (McElwee’s colleague at Data for Progress) and activist Adrien Salazar (of the think tank Demos) are in the studio to share their expertise on the stimulus package.

In the Spiel, McElwee digs into polling results from his own Data for Progress.

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  • Mike Pesca hosted Slate’s daily podcast The Gist from 2014 - 2021.

  • Sean McElwee is a policy analyst and writer based in New York City.