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Top Gun: Maverick

Dana Stevens and Dan Kois spoil the military action thriller starring Tom Cruise.


Episode Notes

This week’s Spoiler Specials takes on Top Gun: Maverick. Film critic Dana Stevens is joined by Slate editor and writer Dan Kois to spoil the long awaited sequel, starring Tom Cruise and directed by Joseph Kosinski. Maverick is pressed into service, training a group of young pilots to carry out a dangerous strike in a rogue nation. But it soon becomes clear that only Maverick has the right stuff to lead the mission. Does Maverick fly high, or get grounded?

Is Top Gun: Maverick better than the 1986 original?

Read Dana’s thoughts on the movie here.

Note: As the title indicates, this podcast contains spoilers galore.

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WARNING: This podcast contains spoilers (duh).

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