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Enola Holmes

Marissa Martinelli and Laura Miller spoil the lighthearted, feminist adventure starring Millie Bobby Brown.


Episode Notes

On the Spoiler Special podcast, Slate critics discuss movies, the occasional TV show, and, once in a blue moon, another podcast, in full spoiler-filled detail. This week, Slate’s Marissa Martinelli and Laura Miller spoil Enola Holmes. 

Enola, who likes to remind people that her name spelled backwards is ‘alone,’ wakes up to find her mother missing. While Enola is determined to investigate her mother’s disappearance, it’s up to Mycroft and Sherlock to figure out what to do with their little sister. Can Enola outwit her intelligent brothers and break free from the stuffy, proper future Mycroft sets out for her?

Plus, Marissa and Laura delve into other, more transgressive, Holmes stories with female protagonists.

You can read Laura Miller’s review here.

Note: As the title indicates, this podcast contains spoilers galore.

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Podcast production by Rosemary Belson.

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On Slate’s Spoiler Specials, Slate critics, such as Dana Stevens and Willa Paskin, discuss new movies and TV shows in spoiler-filled detail. We dissect twist endings, plot holes, and other secrets you won’t read in reviews.

WARNING: This podcast contains spoilers (duh).

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