Slow Burn: Watergate

Season 1: Bonus Episode 5
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Did Woodward and Bernstein Really Save the Republic?

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Episode Notes

This week, Leon Neyfakh talks to Paul Magallanes, one of the FBI special agents responsible for the Watergate investigation, about who deserves credit for President Nixon’s eventual resignation. Magallanes is founder and president of M.A.I., a global security management firm.

Season one of Slow Burn was produced by Leon Neyfakh and Andrew Parsons. Bonus episodes for the season were produced by Leon Neyfakh and Jeff Friedrich.

About the Show

You think you know the story, or maybe you don’t. But Watergate was stranger, wilder, and more exciting than you can imagine. What did it feel like to live through the scandal that brought down President Nixon? Find out on this eight-episode podcast miniseries hosted by Leon Neyfakh. Made possible by Slate Plus members.

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