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Two Scaramuccis

Slate Money talks streaming services, mask mandates and inflation.


Episode Notes

This week, Felix Salmon and Emily Peck and Elizabeth Spiers talk about the shakeup in the streaming world with Netflix considering ads and CNN+ folding, the end of the public transportation mask mandate, and inflation.

In the Plus segment: Elon Musk, one more time.

Mentioned In the Show:

Netflix, Facing Reality Check, Vows to Curb Its Profligate Ways” by Joe Flint

Inattention and Prices Over Time: Experimental Evidence from ‘The Price Is Right’ (1972-2019)” by Jonathan Hartley

Musk’s Twitter funding is secured” by Issie Lapowsky


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A weekly roundup of the most important stories from the worlds of business and finance, hosted by Felix Salmon, Emily Peck, and Elizabeth Spiers.

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  • Emily Peck is a veteran journalist who has worked as a writer and editor at national outlets like HuffPost, the Wall Street Journal, and the American Lawyer.

  • Felix Salmon is a host of the Slate Money podcast.

  • Elizabeth Spiers is Slate’s Pay Dirt columnist. She was the founding editor of Gawker and the former editor in chief of the New York Observer. Prior to Gawker, she was a financial analyst.