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Bedazzle Your Elliptical

Slate Money talks hipster grifters, practical uses for crypto, and the richest man in the world trying to buy a stake in Forbes.


Episode Notes

This week, Felix Salmon and Emily Peck are joined by Kevin Roose of The New York Times to talk about the crypto money launder scheme Heather Morgan and Ilya “Dutch” Lichtenstein are accused of taking part in; the possible usefulness of crypto; and what’s going on with Forbes.

In the Plus segment: The Sotheby’s auction of CryptoPunks.

Mentioned In the show:

How The Crypto Couple Went From Wannabe Tech Luminaries To Targets In The Biggest Financial Seizure In Justice Department History” by David Jeans and Cyrus Farivar

Maybe There’s a Use for Crypto After All” by Kevin Roose

Joe Rogan Wrapped: A Year of COVID-19 Misinformation, Right-Wing Myths, and Anti-Trans Rhetoric” by Alex Paterson

Podcasts Are No Longer Private Conversations” by Kaitlyn Tiffany

Binance’s Unusual Forbes Deal Comes Amid SPAC Drama” by Sara Fischer


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  • Emily Peck is a veteran journalist who has worked as a writer and editor at national outlets like HuffPost, the Wall Street Journal, and the American Lawyer.

  • Felix Salmon is a host of the Slate Money podcast.