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One Really Long Year

Slate Money talks the year that started in April 2020 and is still going, including what has been happening in all the markets.


Episode Notes

This week, Felix Salmon, Emily Peck and Stacy-Marie Ishmael are joined by Joe Weisentahl of the Bloombergpodcast Odd Lots. They discuss this past very long year in markets – from labor to crypto to supply chains; what’s up and what’s making them go ‘huh?’ and how we should maybe be grateful to Steve Mnuchin.

In the Plus segment: How the lumber supply chain issue had very little to do with lumber.

Mentioned In the show:

This is the Booming Movement to Abolish Work as We Know It” by Odd Lots podcast

The Effect of Earned Versus House Money on Price Bubble Formation in Experimental Asset Markets” by Brice Corgnet, Roberto Hernan-Gonzalez, Praveen Kujal, and David Porter

Gambling With the House Money and Trying to Break Even: The Effects of Prior Outcomes on Risky Choice” by Richard H. Thaler and Eric J. Johnson


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