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Billionaire Slap Fight

Slate Money talks inflation and worker revenge, Elon Musk’s big poll, and the end of General Electric, basically.


Episode Notes

This week, Felix Salmon, Emily Peck and Stacy-Marie Ishmael talk about the deconglomeration of Johnson & Johnson and General Electric, the impact worker revenge has on inflation, and Elon Musk’s big Twitter poll costing him ten percent of his stocks.

In the Plus segment: Talking on background.

Mentioned in the show:
’It’s a walkout!’ Inside the fast-food workers’ season of rebellion” by Greg Jaffe

Updating The Verge’s background policy” by Nilay Patel


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A weekly roundup of the most important stories from the worlds of business and finance, hosted by Felix Salmon, Emily Peck, and Elizabeth Spiers.

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