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Joe Weisenthal joins to talk inflation, Exxon, and Amazon/MGM.

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Episode Notes

Joe Weisenthal of Bloomberg joins Slate Money to talk about his take on inflation, Exxon’s new activist investors, and Amazon buying MGM.

In the Plus segment: Joe on the importance of semiconductors.

Mentioned in the show:

It’s Time to Talk About Something and Inflation Isn’t the Right Word for it,” by Joe Weisenthal for Bloomberg
What Scaremongering About Inflation Gets Wrong,” by Rebecca L. Spang for the Washington Post
Daniela Gabor on the Critical Case Against Private Sector ESG,” by Joe Weisenthal for Bloomberg
The Texas Winter Storm and Power Outages Killed Hundreds More People Than the State Says,” by Peter Aldhaus, Stephanie M. Lee, and Zahra Hirji for Buzzfeed
How the Texas Legislature Could Change the state’s Power Grid This Session,” by Erin Douglas and Mitchell Ferman

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