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“You Can’t Make a Tomlet Without Breaking Some Gregs”

A spoiler-filled discussion of Succession, Season 2, Episode 9.

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Episode Notes

Slate Money is obsessed with Succession, HBO’s wonderful drama about the lives of the superrich Roy family, so every Monday we’ll be discussing the previous night’s episode with spoiler-filled glee. This week, Felix Salmon and Emily Peck are joined by Lizzie O’Leary and John Collins to speculate on the “blood sacrifice,” analyze Roman’s newfound competency, and reveal which Roy Family member they are.

Also discussed: “Shiv Roy’s Turtleneck Will Destroy You” by Emilia Petrarca

About the Show

A weekly roundup of the most important stories from the worlds of business and finance, hosted by Felix Salmon, Emily Peck, and Anna Szymanski.

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  • Emily Peck is a senior reporter at HuffPost.

  • Felix Salmon is a host of the Slate Money podcast.

  • John Collins is the artistic director of the experimental theater company Elevator Repair Service.

  • Lizzie O’Leary is the host of What Next: TBD, Slate’s show about technology, power, and the future. Previously, she created and hosted Marketplace Weekend. She has reported for CNN, Bloomberg News, and the New York Times Magazine, among others. She is also a contributing writer at the Atlantic.