Political Gabfest

The “Jewish Space Laser” Edition

The stimulus bill; Dr. Uché Blackstock on racial inequity in vaccine distribution; and Majorie Taylor Greene’s GOP.

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Episode Notes

Here are some notes and references from this week’s show:

Ezra Klein for the New York Times: “The Senate Has Become a Dadaist Nightmare

Uché Blackstock and Oni Blackstock for the Washington Post: “White Americans Are Being Vaccinated at Higher Rates Than Black Americans. Such Inequity Cannot Stand.

Shreya Kangovi and Uché Blackstock for the Washington Post: “Community Health Workers Are Essential in This Crisis. We Need More of Them.

Thomas B. Edsall for the New York Times: “The QAnon Delusion Has Not Loosened Its Grip

David Blight’s Open Yale Course: “HIST 119: The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877

Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World, by Liaquat Ahamed

Monica Potts for The New York Times: “In the Land of Self-Defeat

Here are this week’s cocktail chatters:

Emily: Moe Tkacik for Slate: “The Lousy Tippers of the Trump Administration

John: Vala Afshar’s tweet of a clip from DisruptTV, Episode 91.

David: Stefanos Chen for the New York Times: “The Downside to Life in a Supertall Tower: Leaks, Creaks, Breaks

Listener chatter from Phillip Cleveland @pwcleveland: a Twitter thread by Mark R. Miller
@4T9NER about a family photograph

For this week’s Slate Plus bonus segment, listener Norman Townsend asks John, Emily, and David to discuss David’s new startup, CityCast.

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Podcast production by Jocelyn Frank.

Research and show notes by Bridgette Dunlap.


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