Political Gabfest

The “Global Pariahs” Edition

COVID-19 rising, politicization of the DOJ, and Slow Burn’s Josh Levin on the rise of David Duke.


Episode Notes

Here are some notes and references from this week’s show:

Austan Goolsbee and Chad Syverson: “Fear, Lockdown, and Diversion: Comparing Drivers of Pandemic Economic Decline 2020,” University of Chicago, Becker Friedman Institute for Economics Working Paper No. 2020-80”

Kasra Zarei and John Duchneskie for the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Coronavirus Cases Rise in States with Relaxed Face Mask Policies

Carol D. Leonnig and Joshua Partlow for the Washington Post: “Dozens of Secret Service Officers and Agents Told to Self-Quarantine After Trump’s Tulsa Rally

Jonathan Martin, Alexander Burns, Matt Stevens for the New York Times: “Biden Takes Dominant Lead as Voters Reject Trump on Virus and Race

Slate’s Slow Burn, Season 4: David Duke

Rising Out of Hatred: The Awakening of a Former White Nationalist by Eli Saslow

Here are this week’s cocktail chatters:

John: Maria Konnikova for Wired: “Poker and the Psychology of Uncertainty”; The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win by Maria Konnikova

Emily: Christoph Koettl, Nilo Tabrizy, Muyi Xiao, Natalie Reneau, and Drew Jordan for The New York Times: “How the Philadelphia Police Tear-Gassed a Group of Trapped Protesters

David: Melissa Fay Greene for the Atlantic: “30 Years Ago, Romania Deprived Thousands of Babies of Human Contact

Listener chatter from Fredrik Hilding @FHilding: Jessica Leigh Hester for Atlas Obscura’s Show & Tell podcast: “Show & Tell With Colored-Pencil Cartographer Anton Thomas

For this week’s Slate Plus bonus segment David, Emily, and John discuss some of the nicer changes the pandemic has brought to their daily lives.

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