Political Gabfest

The “Two Trillion Dollars” Edition

The way to save the economy is to beat the virus.


Episode Notes

Here are some of the links and references from this week’s show:

Sten H. Vermund, Gregg Gonsalves, Becca Levy, and Saad Omer for the New York Times: “Letter to the Editor: The Wrong Way to Fight Coronavirus

Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman for the Guardian: “This Crisis Calls for Massive Government Intervention: Here’s How to Do It

David W. Blight for the Atlantic: “The United States Is Being Taught by Facts and Events

The Historian’s Craft: Reflections on the Nature and Uses of History and the Techniques and Methods of Those Who Write It , by Marc Bloch

Ed Yong for the Atlantic: “How the Pandemic Will End

Tyler Cowen for Bloomberg: “Don’t Worry. America’s Response to the Coronavirus Will Improve.

Here are this week’s cocktail chatters:

Emily: Joe Buck’s Twitter feed, @Buck

John: Lunch Poems, by Frank O’Hara

David: Jesse Eisinger and James Bandler for ProPublica: “Walmart Was Almost Charged Criminally Over Opioids. Trump Appointees Killed the Indictment.

Listener chatter from: Kenneth C. Dudley @dudley_kenneth: a thread by astronaut Anne McClain on coping in small spaces.

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