The War on Drag

Why drag? Why now?


Episode Notes

This month, hosts Christina Cauterucci, Jules Gill-Peterson, and Bryan Lowder take an in-depth look at the latest fixation of the far right: drag, an art form as old as gender itself. In the first segment, the hosts consider why conservatives are now trying to regulate drag shows out of existence and armed hate groups are showing up at drag events to threaten and intimidate performers and audiences. Then they are joined by Lil Miss Hot Mess, who, in addition to performing with Drag Story Hour, has taken an academic interest in what children take away from drag events.

Items discussed in the show:

The beautiful lullaby version of “Titanium” in M3GAN.

M.J. Rodriguez’s gorgeous 2023 Golden Globes dress

Drag Story Hour

Diane di Prima’s poem “Rant

Lil Miss Hot Mess’ clap-back video to Marco Rubio’s attack ad

Gay Agenda

Jules: Any DJ set by Honey Dijon. (Here’s one to start with.)

Bryan: Cleanse your social media feeds, and introduce some cozy vibes with Isaac Mizrahi’s Instagram feed.

Christina: “The ‘Golden Gays’ Return to the Stage in the Philippines,” by Hannah Reyes Morales in the New York Times

This podcast was produced by June Thomas.

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