Is A League of Their Own Gratuitously Gay?

Plus, the making of Stay on Board, the Netflix documentary about trans skateboarder Leo Baker.


Episode Notes

This month, Bryan Lowder is away, so hosts Christina Cauterucci and Jules Gill-Peterson are joined by the podcast’s founding co-host Brandon Tensley to talk about some new representations of LGBTQ people involved in the wide world of sports. First, they debate whether the new Amazon Prime take on A League of Their Own, starring and co-created by Abbi Jacobson, might possibly be too queer. Then they discuss the making of Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story, the new Netflix documentary about a transgender pro skateboarder, with Nicola Marsh, who directed the movie, along with Giovanni Reda, and executive producer Alex Schmider. Finally, they add some new items to the gay agenda.

Items discussed in the show:
Race Deconstructed, Brandon’s newsletter at CNN
A League of Their Own, on Amazon Prime
Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story, on Netflix
Slate’s coverage of the Yummers debacle
The 2022 NLGJA Convention in Chicago
The Transgender Issue, by Shon Faye

Gay Agenda
Brandon: Listen to Rina Sawayama’s new album Hold the Girl
Jules: Follow actor, writer, model Hari Nef on Instagram
Christina: Listen to Lauren Ober’s new podcast The Loudest Girl in the World

Brandon’s Rina Sawayama playlist on Spotify.

This podcast was produced by June Thomas.

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