Is the Supreme Court Coming for Marriage Equality Next?

LGBTQ rights in the post-Dobbs era.


Episode Notes

In the final Pride month special episode, Bryan and Christina talk with Slate senior writer Mark Joseph Stern. They assess what the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, the case that swept away Roe v. Wade, might mean for LGBTQ rights. Should we really be worried about marriage equality? Given Americans’ purported love of privacy, is there any way that the right to same-sex intimacy, protected in Lawrence v. Texas, might now come under attack? Mark helps the hosts find hope, slim though it might be, amid the cruelty of the Dobbs decision.

Items discussed in the show:

The episode of Amicus in which Dahlia Lithwick and guests discussed the fallout from Dobbs.

Season 7 of Slow Burn, about Roe v. Wade and the history of abortion rights in America.

A special post-Dobbs episode of The Waves, with Christina and Cheyna Roth.

The Supreme Court’s Next Target Is Marriage Equality. It Won’t Be the Last,” by Mark Joseph Stern.

The Lawlessness of the Dobbs Decision,” by Dahlia Lithwick and Neil S. Siegel.

This podcast was produced by June Thomas.

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