Counting Queers, Queering Sequels

How queers appear in data—and in updated New York stories.


Episode Notes

Christina Cauterucci and Bryan Lowder welcome our new third co-host, Jules Gill-Peterson, and talk to Kevin Guyan about his new book Queer Data. The crew then explores the trans storylines and general weirdness of And Just Like That, the “next chapter” in the Sex and the City universe, before adding more items to the Gay Agenda.

Items discussed in the show:

Queer Data, by Kevin Guyan

Maricoin, the “world’s first” LGBTQ cryptocurrency

MJ Rodriguez’s Golden Globes acceptance speech

Amy Schneider, highest-winning woman contestant on Jeopardy, on Twitter.

Gay Agenda

Jules: The podcast Harsh Reality: The Story of Miriam Rivera

Christina: Milk Fed, by Melissa Broder

Bryan: Andrea Long Chu on Hanya Yanagihara; tiny chocolate liquor bottles!

This podcast was produced by Myron.

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