Who Owns Queer Aesthetics?

Tampa Baes and the wayward direction of queer fashion.


Episode Notes

Christina and Bryan welcome guest host Carolyn Bergier, co-host of the podcast Dyking Out. The crew explore the ups and downs of the Amazon lesbian reality TV show Tampa Baes. They then talk about Billy Porter’s fashion beef with Harry Styles, what queer fashion and signifiers actually mean, and whether they matter anymore. And finally, queer burlesque, queer DJ sets, and butch dykes for our Gay Agenda.

Items discussed in the show:

• Dyking Out, a podcast about lesbian and queer life, news, and pop culture hosted by Carolyn Bergier and Melody Kamadi.
• Tampa Baes, an Amazon documentary-style reality TV show about a group of lesbian friends in Tampa, Florida.
• Billy Porter calls out Harry Styles for appropriating queer fashion and then apologizes for the remarks, recognizing there’s a bit more depth to the story.

Gay Agenda
• Christina: Butch Is Not A Dirty Word, an Instagram account teasing a magazine about butch identity, visibility, and voice.
• Bryan: Honcho Summer Campout Series, recordings of DJ sets from a fun summer queer dance party.
• Carolyn: Fun, non-creepy queer women burlesque groups Les Vixens in Orlando and Honey Burlesque at Stonewall in New York.

This podcast was produced by Myron.

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